Rainbow Pearl Waist Beads


Waist beads have been worn for generations by Ghanaians to accentuate and mold a woman's physique. They are also used to monitor weight.  You will feel ultra feminine. Wear with bathing suit, crop top or under clothing. 

This listing is for one (1) strand of beads. Each strand measures approximately 47 inches . You will need to adjust to your waist and tie. Does not include clasp.

Colors: White, Multi

You do not need to select a size for our traditional tie-on beads. Our regular size tie-on waist beads are 47 inches long and fits up to size 16.  You will fit them to your waist when they arrive. If you require longer, shop our extended length 60 inch beads. You do not need clasps for our traditional beads, you simply tie them on.

 If you prefer beads that have a clasp closure, you can order from our clasp collection. You will need to select your measurements when ordering clasp beads. yourself in advance and select your size when ordering.

You can choose to wear your beads on your waist line, high hip or low hip depending on your personal preference (see image below). Make sure to leave some wiggle room when tying your beads, or ordering the ones with clasps.

Waist bead size

Waist beads have been worn for generations by Ghanaians to accentuate and mold to a woman's physique. You will feel ultra feminine. Waist beads are designed to be worn on your waist, on your hip or on your panty line. They are comfortable enough to be worn for long periods of time, even permanently; you might even forget that you’re wearing them! Some women wear their waist beads over their clothing, or with a crop top or swimsuit, while others choose to wear them under. If you choose to wear your waist beads under your clothing, do not worry as they are created to withstand the friction created by your clothing and still remain comfortable.

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