Our Story

Authentic. Handcrafted. Style.


Authenticity matters.

Adinkra Expo is a global lifestyle brand that specializes in handmade, ethically sourced clothing and accessories from artisans in Ghana. We specialize in authentic headbands and hair wraps, jewelry, waist beads, apparel and various other gifts for yourself or your friends and family. We partner closely with over 50 of the most talented Ghanaian artisans to create wares that are unique, well-made and make an impact. 

Ethical and sustainable sourcing and production are of the utmost importance to us. With every sale, you are helping us preserve the technique of bead making and fabric weaving, and you help us share a little piece of Ghana with the world. We are proud to have served over 30,000 customers since our start in 2014; thank you for supporting a black, female owned business, and for helping us share Adinkra Expo with your world!