How do I know which size to choose?

Most of our beads are traditional tie on beads. Our standard beads are approximately 47 inches in length so you adjust them to your waist when they are arrive. This length will generally work for size small- 2xl.  We've included a video on how to tie in our tutorials sections and on our youtube page. Make sure to give yourself wiggle room when tying, tie the knot tight 3 times and do not cut the thread too close to the knot, leave some thread. This will ensure a secure fit.

Most of your listings say "clasp not included" , does this mean I need to buy a clasp? 

You do not need a clasp for traditional tie on beads. You fit them and tie them to your waist. No clasp is needed.

Do you offer plus size beads?

We do offer select styles in longer 60 inch lengths.

How do I take them off? Can I shower and exercise in them?

Traditionally, we do not remove are beads once tied, they are suppose to stay on. You can bathe, exercise and do just about anything in your beads. If you do want the option to remove your beads, we suggest tying them lower hip, so that you can remove it overhead, or, you may opt for our beads that have clasps/screws. 

What type of string to  do you use?

Our beads are made with multiple layers of non stretch cotton thread to create a rope like effect for durability.

Where do your beads ship from?

All of our beads are handmade in Ghana and ship from Virginia.

What is the purpose of waist beads? 

Waist beads have been worn for generations in Ghana. They are used to adorn the body and are sometimes used in traditional marriage ceremonies where it is included in the gifts the groom gives to the bride. They have been used to track weight and growth of babies, and in some traditions, they are believed to offer protection and help form your shape.