Ashanti Legacy Name Bracelet


Hand crafted in Ghana from brass and copper. Each bracelets has a personalised brass block that is engraved with an Ashanti day of the week name.
Each brass piece features the Twi (ashanti language) name on one side and the English translation on the other side  with an adinkra symbol. Colored beads may vary.

To find your ashanti name,  google your birthday and find out the day of the week you were born. Your Ashanti name corresponds to  your day of the week you were born. There is a female and male name for each day. 

Male - Monday - Kojo

Male - Tuesday - Kwabena

Male - Wednesday - Kweku

Male- Thursday - Yaw 

Male - Friday - Kofi

Male - Saturday - Kwame 

Male - Sunday - Kwesi 

Female - Monday - Adwoa

Female - Tuesday- Abena

Female - Wednesday - Akua

Female- Thursday- Yaa

Female - Friday - Kofi

Female - Saturday - Ama 

Female- Sunday - Akos



Each bracelet is adjustable in length.