How to Tie Traditional Tie On Beads

Ok so you've decided to buy a few strands of waistbeads from Adinkra Expo! Your next decision is to decide how you’d like them to fit and where you want them to lay (see image).  Most of our beads are traditional tie-on beads that are approximately 47 inches in length.  The 47 inch length beads comfortably fit women who are size S-XL (up to Size 16), and you adjust these to fit your waist or hips.  If you prefer longer beads, we offer extended length waistbeads in 60 inches in limited styles here.  Lastly, we offer a selection of waist beads that are secured with a clasp.  Shop clasp closure beads here!

Traditional Waist Beads are really easy to tie and are secured in 3 steps!

Decide where you want to tie your beads – on your waist, you hip or lower hip.  

*If you have purchased beads with a clasp, you will need to measure your waist in inches (see below)

  1. Push the beads back, make sure no string is showing and tie the knot 3 times.
  2. Cut the excess thread but make sure to leave some string after the room.  We recommend allowing yourself an extra ¼- 1/2 an inch for breathing room.

*Please Note: If you cut too close to the knot, the knot will push out and your beads will likely pop.  You can use the excess beads to tie an anklet or bracelet!

*For our clasp closure waistbeads, you will have to know your measurements in inches.  Please remember to allow yourself breathing room of ¼-1/2 an inch.  We recommend sizing up rather than sizing down. 

Please see the video on how to tie here or on our Tutorials page. 

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January 31, 2021 — Rita Kusi


Michelle J Redd

Michelle J Redd said:

I’d like to get waist beads for my granddaughters and present them at the onset of puberty.

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